A group of MIT engineers have managed to replace human chefs with robots, and a new restaurant in Boston will now operate with a fully robotic kitchen. The restaurant, named Spyce, will serve mostly vegetarian meals under the supervision of Michelin-starred chef Daniel Boulud. Every human role in the restaurant will be automated, including touch-screens for ordering, automatic hot water jets to clean the cooking supplies, and a kind of assembly line that cooks, garnishes, and serves the food. A report last year by the McKinsey Global Institute indicated that as many as 73% of the activities performed by workers in food service and accommodations potentially could be automated.

The 2nd Circuit ruled in favor of a police officer who alleged he was fired in retaliation for criticizing management. The district court dismissed the officer’s claim, saying that his comments during a union meeting were not made in his capacity as a private citizen and thus were not entitled to First Amendment protection. The 2nd Circuit disagreed and sent the case back to district court for further consideration.

A video of a man berating Spanish-speaking employees at a Midtown Manhattan restaurant went viral yesterday. Though a quarter of New York City speaks Spanish, the man insisted that the employees should speak English. He also stated that he believed the employees were likely undocumented, and that he planned to report them to ICE for deportation. The video comes as ICE has announced an increase in workplace inspections and audits.