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Weekend News & Commentary — August 19-20, 2017

Published August 20th, 2017 -

The “Free Speech” rally in Boston on Saturday was dwarfed by counter protestors. The Boston Globe has photos of the protests, and The Atlantic interviewed some of the far-right participants in the rally. By some estimates, 40 people attended the rally, while 40,000 people attended the counter protest. While there was little violence during, Boston police did arrest 33 people, and used ... More »

Today’s News & Commentary — August 18, 2017

Published August 18th, 2017 -

In the week after the Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville, news outlets explored federal and state laws governing job termination for political views.  Although some state or local laws go further, “federal law doesn’t offer any protection for expressing political views or participating in political activities for those who work in the private sector and don’t have a contrac... More »

Analyzing James Damore’s Employment-Related Claims against Google: Part One

Published August 18th, 2017 -

When James Damore wrote his internal memo against Google’s diversity policies, was he making an impassioned plea on behalf of politically and ideologically charged ideas?  Calling on his fellow workers to fight for changes to company diversity policies?  Taking a stand against HR practices that illegally discriminate against protected classes of employees?  Was his manifesto all, some, or none of ... More »

Today’s News & Commentary — August 17, 2017

Published August 17th, 2017 -

Richard Trumka, President of the AFL-CIO, penned an op-ed in the New York Times explaining his decision to quit President Trump’s Business Council. Trumka explained that it became clear President Trump “had no intention of following through on his commitments to working people.” Trumka explained that President Trump failed to deliver on his promises regarding an infrastructure bill, renegotiating ... More »

Today’s News & Commentary — August 16, 2017

Published August 16th, 2017 -

Yesterday, the Boston Globe reported that four members of Teamsters Local 25 were acquitted of all charges by a jury in federal court in Boston.  The Teamsters had each been charged with a single count of conspiracy to extort and a single count of attempted extortion.  The charges stemmed from the workers’ picketing of a filming of “Top Chef” at the restaurant Steel and Rye in Milton, MA.  In stat... More »

Today’s News & Commentary — August 15, 2017

Published August 15th, 2017 -

The Wall Street Journal reports on a “rare instance of agreement between immigration-rights activists and the Trump administration”: activists are applauding the DOL’s suit against an Arizona farm employing H-2A visa-holders.  DOL alleged minimum wage violations and substandard living conditions, winning a preliminary injunction in May.  Proposed legislation threatens to loosen federal oversight o... More »

State Attorneys General:  Stepping Up to Protect People on the Job

Published August 14th, 2017 -

Fighting the dangers of tobacco, seeking redress for homeowners during the mortgage crisis, and most recently standing up against the Muslim ban – state attorneys general have long been at the forefront of efforts to protect the well-being of the people of their states.  In recent months, progressive state attorneys general have emerged as some of the nation’s foremost champions of civil rights an... More »

National Labor Relations Board’s Reply Brief Filed in Murphy Oil

Published August 11th, 2017 -

This post is part of OnLabor’s continuing analysis of National Labor Relations Board v. Murphy Oil USA. The National Labor Relations Board filed its reply brief in National Labor Relations Board v. Murphy Oil USA on Wednesday.  Although the Solicitor General’s office had reversed its position earlier this summer, the Solicitor General gave the Board permission to represent itself before the Suprem... More »

Today’s News & Commentary — August 10, 2017

Published August 10th, 2017 -

On Wednesday, the National Center for Lesbian Rights and GLBTQ Legal Advocates & Defenders filed a lawsuit against President Trump and other government officials in charge of implementing Trump’s ban on transgender individuals serving in the military. The five “Jane Doe” service members have nearly 60 years of combined service in different military branches. The lawsuit touches on the potentia... More »

Competing Visions of Labor Law

Published July 11th, 2017 -

An Opinion on WHD Opinion Letters

Published June 28th, 2017 -

More Labor Nominees and Appointments

Published June 23rd, 2017 -

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