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The New Regime

Published January 21st, 2017 -

President Trump’s first afternoon in office was short on major developments for labor rights.  The big news was that shortly after noon, a U.S. Department of Labor webpage about LGBT rights suddenly disappeared from the government’s website.  You can read the ... More »

Regressive Federalism

Published January 11th, 2017 -

As we approach January 20th, labor advocates and other progressives are placing their hopes in a handful of states and cities.  The hope, as part of a “progressive federalism,” is that these states and cities will have the capacity to chart a cours... More »

Guest Post: Against Despair

Published December 2nd, 2016 -

Kate Andrias is Assistant Professor of Law at the University of Michigan Law School. This post is part of a series on Labor in the Trump Years. As others have written, including on this blog, the Trump presidency could be devastating for unions—and for workers... More »

The Future of Labor

Published November 18th, 2016 -

This post is part of a series on Labor in the Trump Years. From the end of Reconstruction up through the election of 2016, political elites have done a masterful job convincing the white working class that they do not share a common interest with nonwhite work... More »

Labor in the Trump Years: A Series

Published November 16th, 2016 -

The election of Donald Trump along with a Republican Congress presents a set of profound challenges and questions for the labor movement and for workers.  As the readers of OnLabor know, the election of 2016 may mean (among other things): a national right to w... More »

Joan C. Williams on the "class culture gap"

Published November 15th, 2016 -

Joan C. Williams has a new piece up at the Harvard Business Review on What So Many People Don’t Get About the U.S. Working Class.  She predicts that the piece will be “so unpopular that [she] risk[s] making [her]self a pariah among [her] friends on... More »

Paid Time Off to Vote

Published November 7th, 2016 -

Bloomberg Law has a terrific map showing where paid time off is available for voting and where it is not: Is your employer required to give you time off to vote tomorrow? #ElectionDay #Election2016 — Bloomberg... More »

Workers, the Courts, and the Election

Published November 3rd, 2016 -

Many people across the political spectrum have highlighted the importance of this year’s Presidential election to the future of the Supreme Court.  Also at stake in the Presidential election is the composition of the lower federal courts.  And since judicial a... More »

When Will the Republicans in Congress Stop Crying Wolf?

Published June 10th, 2016 -

When it comes to the NLRB, Republicans in Congress are long on outrage and short on facts.  In 2011, the NLRB issued a decision in Specialty Healthcare and Rehabilitation Center of Mobile that clarified the standard for when the Board will find that a petition... More »