Uber faces a new employment discrimination lawsuit brought by three Latina software engineers who allege that the company discriminates against women and people of color in promotions and pay.  Uber is the latest in a string of tech companies–from Google to Twitter–facing lawsuits alleging gender discrimination.  Here is a recent accounting of those suits.

On Wednesday, the Illinois House failed, by a one-vote margin, to override the Governor’s veto of a bill that would have barred municipalities from enacting local right to work laws.  The Illinois Senate had already voted to override the veto.  As the Tribune explains, the ordinance that prompted the bill has been invalidated by a federal district court on the grounds that the NLRA preempts all but state-level right to work laws.  Read more about that litigation here.

The Detroit Free Press has a long piece on Michigan’s $293 million apple industry’s  reliance on migrant workers.  According to apple farmers, the immigration enforcement tactics of the Obama and Trump Administrations have contributed to a shrinking of the migrant worker population.  Many farmers now rely on the H-2A visa program for workers.

New York Times video features two longtime steel workers whose Indianapolis factory is moving production to Mexico.  The workers discuss whether to fulfill the company’s request that they train their replacements.