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So How Much Do You Get Paid?

Published February 23rd, 2016 -

Money, sex, religion, and politics.  We all know these topics are taboo at the dinner table.  However, not discussing one of these in the work place might be costing us ­– especially women ­– more than we realize. Federal law has prohibited pay discrimination ... More »


Guest Post: Tipping as Employment Discrimination?

Published November 23rd, 2015 -

Sachin S. Pandya is Professor of Law at the University of Connecticut. When does paying workers via tips count as illegal employment discrimination?  Arguments against tip compensation–around for a while (e.g., Scott, 1916)—re-emerged last month (e... More »


EEOC Meeting on Social Media and the Workplace

Published April 1st, 2014 -

On March 12, the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) held a public meeting that according to EEOC Chair Jacqueline A. Berrien “helped the EEOC understand how social media is being used in the employment context and what impact it may have on th... More »


New York City's Pregnant Workers Fairness Act

Published February 28th, 2014 -

In October of 2013, New York City enacted the Pregnant Workers Fairness Act (Act). Under the new law, most employers in New York City must provide reasonable accommodations for pregnant workers. This post will explain what the Act accomplishes, why it was nece... More »