The NLRB ruled on Thursday that the Teamsters Local 385 in Orlando violated federal labor law by ignoring Walt Disney World employees’ requests to leave the union.  According to The Associated Press, the NLRB’s decision required Teamsters officials “to reimburse some of the former members for dues deducted after they had made their resignation requests, pay interest on deducted dues to other members, and honor requests to resign.”

On Thursday, the Fifth Circuit officially made effective its split decision from March to vacate the Department of Labor’s Obama-era rule that mandated financial professionals to act in their retirement-account clients’ best interests.  Now, retirement-account holders must hope that the SEC’s proposed version of a “best-interest rule,” which is available for public comment until August 7,  will eventually be implemented in its place.

Pulitzer-Prize-winning reporter Linda Greenhouse, who covered the Supreme Court for The New York Times from 1978 to 2008 and currently teaches at Yale Law School, explains in an op-ed piece why Janus, “more than any other case this term[,] will reveal to us the heart and soul of the Roberts Court at the end of Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr.’s 14th year.”

Yesterday marked the 71st anniversary of the passage of The Taft-Hartley Act.  Indeed, on June 23, 1947, the United States Senate voted to join the House of Representatives in overturning President Truman’s veto of the anti-Union bill.