News & Commentary

May 31, 2024

Holt McKeithan

Holt McKeithan is a student at Harvard Law School.

In today’s News and Commentary, the Labor Department charges an Alabama Hyundai plant for use of child labor and UC workers strike over the schools’ handling of Gaza protests. 

An investigation revealed that a 13-year old child worked 50-60 hour weeks on a Hyundai assembly line in Luverne, Alabama. The Department of Labor charged three Alabama companies – Hyundai Motor Manufacturing Alabama LLC, SMART Alabama LLC, and Best Practice Service LLC – in connection with the finding. The DOL’s complaint seeks an injunction against the use of child labor and a portion of the profits Hyundai made while employing child labor. Hyundai Alabama is also facing pressure from an organizing campaign. The UAW is organizing a union campaign at an Alabama Hyundai plant. 30% of workers at the Montgomery plant had signed cards as of February. 

UCLA and UC Davis workers walked off the job on Tuesday to protest the schools’ responses to Gaza protests. In response to a request from UCLA, police in riot gear arrested more than 200 students. Now, researchers, graduate students, and other workers affiliated with the UAW have walked off the job. Union leaders are demanding no arrests, expulsions, suspensions, or other disciplinary action against protestors, as well as divestment of university funds associated with the war in Gaza. The university has claimed the strike is unlawful.

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