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McDonald's Earnings Report and the Need for Dialogue

Published October 22nd, 2014 -

As we covered in our inaugural Fast Food News, the Wall Street Journal editorial page focuses today on McDonald’s new earnings report. That report shows a 30% decline in quarterly profits and a 5% drop in revenue. And while the declines seem attributable large... More »


An Explainer: NFL Cheerleader Lawsuits (Part 2)

Published October 9th, 2014 -

Yesterday, I wrote about the background for the lawsuits cheerleaders have recently filed against the NFL and NFL teams. So far, cheerleaders have sued five NFL teams, and the NFL as a whole. The cheerleaders claim that the teams illegally pay them below minim... More »


An Explainer: NFL Cheerleader Lawsuits (Part 1)

Published October 8th, 2014 -

In the last year, cheerleaders for five NFL teams have filed lawsuits against their respective teams for violating employment laws. Two cheerleaders have also sued the NFL as a whole.  The cheerleaders argue that as employees, they are entitled to the same min... More »


Are Fast Food Strikes Quickening Robot Takeover?

Published September 4th, 2013 -

The fast food strikes have invited a spate of stories on whether the push for higher wages will quicken the robot takeover of these jobs.  Last week the restaurant lobby Employment Policies Institute published this ominous ad in the WSJ: The ad invited pushbac... More »


Fast-Food Strikes and the Minimum Wage

Published August 9th, 2013 -

Sam linked to Jared Bernstein’s Economix piece today on the fast-food strikes and the feasibility of minimum wage hikes.  Those interested in this debate should also take a look at Megan McArdle’s review of the issue at BloombergView. More »