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Pay Transparency at Work: The Great Equalizer?

Published March 1st, 2016 -

“Pay secrecy fosters discrimination and we should not tolerate it.” So declared President Obama in the Spring of 2014 upon signing an executive order ratcheting up punishments for federal contractors that maintain pay secrecy policies.  Two years on and legisl... More »

“Free” Labor: The Law of Prison Labor

Published May 28th, 2015 -

This is Part Three of a four-part series. Part One gave a description of a recent prison uprising at Willacy County Corrections Center in south Texas. The event provided a platform for introducing the concept of incarcerated workers and the intersections betwe... More »

"Free" Labor: An Introduction

Published May 26th, 2015 -

This post is the first in a four-part series. On the morning of February 20, 2015, a large number of inmates at Willacy County Correctional Center, a state prison facility at the southern end of Texas, went on strike. Inmate workers refused to go to work at th... More »

McDonald's Employer Status

Published April 1st, 2015 -

Among the sillier claims in the debate over whether McDonald’s is a joint employer of its franchise employees is the one made today by International Franchise Association president Steve Caldeira.  Speaking about McDonald’s decision to raise wages ... More »

McDonald's to Raise U.S. Workers' Hourly Wage to $10

Published April 1st, 2015 -

McDonald’s announced today that it plans to raise U.S. workers’ hourly wage by $1 per hour and increase benefits by the end of 2016, The Wall Street Journal and Time report (note that the WSJ article is behind a pay wall). The changes will affect workers in ro... More »