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Today’s News & Commentary — December 2, 2016

Published December 2nd, 2016 -

The U.S. economy added 178,000 jobs in November, decreasing the unemployment rate from 4.9% to 4.6%, the lowest it has been since 2007. However, average hourly earnings decreased by 0.1%. The Department of Labor revised its September and October data to remove... More »

Today’s News & Commentary — November 18, 2016

Published November 18th, 2016 -

Several hundred skilled-trade workers at UCLA went on a 24-hour strike on Wednesday to demand higher wages and back pay.  The day after, on Thursday, 218 UC San Diego workers staged a similar 24-hour strike.  Both strikes were organized by Teamsters Local 2010... More »

Today’s News & Commentary — November 4, 2016

Published November 4th, 2016 -

Nonfarm payrolls increased by 161,000 jobs in October, the Department of Labor announced today. That brings the unemployment rate from 5% to 4.9%.  Further, average hourly earnings increased by 10 cents.  The Department of Labor also revised its August and Sep... More »

Today’s News & Commentary — October 21, 2016

Published October 21st, 2016 -

The California Occupational Safety and Health Standards Board (OSHSB) voted yesterday to approve a slew of regulations targeting workplace violence in California hospitals and care facilities.  These regulations originated in 2014 legislation sponsored by the ... More »

Today’s News and Commentary — October 7, 2016

Published October 7th, 2016 -

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics announced today that the U.S. economy added 156,000 jobs in September.  The unemployment rate ticked up slightly from 4.9% to 5%, reflecting an uptick in the labor force participation rate.  The proportion of Americans in th... More »

Today's News & Commentary — September 23, 2016

Published September 23rd, 2016 -

On September 19, Seattle City Council passed the Secure Scheduling Ordinance, which requires major retail and restaurant establishments to provide a “livable schedule” to its employees. Workers at retail and restaurant businesses with 500 or more employees wor... More »

Today’s News and Commentary — September 9, 2016

Published September 9th, 2016 -

Please see OnLabor’s coverage of the 9th Circuit’s recent holding in favor of most of Uber’s driver arbitration agreements’ enforceability. The 2nd Circuit has reaffirmed the validity of class and collective action waivers in arbitration agreements, contra the... More »

Weekend News & Commentary — August 28, 2016

Published August 28th, 2016 -

The employees who run Access-A-Ride, New York’s Metropolitan Transportation Authority’s service for people with disabilities, may be earning a $15 minimum wage by 2018. The employees work for Global Contact Services, which contracts with the M.T.A. to run Acce... More »

Today’s News & Commentary — August 12, 2016

Published August 12th, 2016 -

Judge Rakoff denied Uber CEO Travis Kalanick’s motion to compel arbitration in a proposed class action antitrust action last week.  Uber rider Spencer Meyer is suing CEO Kalanick, who is also a registered Uber driver, on allegations of horizontal and vertical ... More »

Today’s News & Commentary — July 29, 2016

Published July 29th, 2016 -

The NLRB declined yesterday to review the decision to unionize of workers at Trump International Hotel, Las Vegas.  Roughly 500 Trump International Hotel workers voted and narrowly approved joining the Culinary Workers Union last December, but Trump Internatio... More »

Today’s News & Commentary — July 15, 2016

Published July 15th, 2016 -

Donald Trump has selected Indiana Governor Mike Pence as his vice-president.  Unions are unlikely to be happy with the choice.  Pence’s administration successfully defended in court Indiana’s right-to-work law, passed by Pence’s predecessor.  Pence also repeal... More »

Today’s News & Commentary — July 1, 2016

Published July 1st, 2016 -

The United Parcel Services Inc. and the Independent Pilots Association, which represents UPS’s more than 2,500 pilots, have come to a new five-year labor agreement.  Negotiations over the contract have gone on for the last five years.  The IPA will recommend t... More »