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Today’s News & Commentary — Monday, March 30th

Published March 30th, 2020 -

Now the world leader in confirmed coronavirus cases, America has resolved to remain closed for business (until, per the President’s latest update, April 30th). This historic disruption to the American economy continues to eliminate jobs across sectors at speed... More »


Today’s News & Commentary — March 16, 2020

Published March 16th, 2020 -

New York state Governor Andrew Cuomo tweeted Sunday requesting that private businesses issue work-from-home orders where practicable (but also indicated that the state would consider “mandatory measures” should be businesses fail to cooperate). Many private bu... More »


Today’s News and Commentary — March 2nd, 2020

Published March 2nd, 2020 -

UNITE HERE has released a report describing the workplace conditions of airport Starbucks, operated by food service company HMS Host. The report concludes that an Orlando Starbucks employee, Gabriel Ocasio Mejias, was fired on February 18th in retaliation for ... More »


Today’s News & Commentary – February 21, 2020

Published February 21st, 2020 -

What’s in labor news today? A cursory Google search gives the impression that organized labor is today plagued by fractious infighting. Indeed, there is no shortage of articles highlighting the apparent ideological divisions among labor unions in the face of a... More »


Today’s News & Commentary — Feb. 7, 2020

Published February 7th, 2020 -

On January 29th, the House Majority leader indicated that the House would this week consider the Protecting the Right to Organize Act. While the bill passed the labor committee in September 2019, it was put on hold until early January, when House leaders recei... More »