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June 14th, 2016

Today’s News & Commentary — June 14, 2016

Published June 14th, 2016 -

The AFL-CIO will formally endorse Hillary Clinton on Thursday, according to the Wall Street Journal. The AFL-CIO rarely picks a candidate before the presumptive  Democratic nominee has emerged. Clinton now has locked up endorsements from most major labor group... More »

May 31st, 2016

Today’s News & Commentary — May 31, 2016

Published May 31st, 2016 -

Eduardo Porter of the New York Times  argues that a universal basic income is not the most efficient way to solve poverty.  The first obstacle would be funding for such a program, which would either overwhelm the federal budget or require defunding every other... More »


College Athletes’ Next Play

Published May 2nd, 2016 -

The National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA), which brings in nearly $1 billion a year in revenue, faces increasing scrutiny of its business model in the media and in courts.  Administrators, athletic directors, and coaches are handsomely paid, but play... More »


Enforcing Seattle’s Minimum Wage Law

Published April 28th, 2016 -

April 1st marked the one-year anniversary of the effective date of Seattle’s headline-making minimum wage law.  The law mandated a graduated increase to $15/hour by 2018 for employers with more than 500 employees and 2021 for all employers with less.  New York... More »