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Today’s News & Commentary — April 4, 2017

Published April 4th, 2017 -

Google’s self-driving car program, Waymo, finds itself in an intense legal battle with Uber. Seven weeks ago, Waymo sued the ride sharing company stealing trade secrets, according to the Wall Street Journal. At the center of the battle is Anthony Levando... More »

Today’s News & Commentary — March 21, 2017

Published March 21st, 2017 -

Alex Acosta, President Trump’s nominee for Secretary of Labor, is expected to face some skepticism during his confirmation hearing on Wednesday, largely because his views on important policy issues are still unknown. If confirmed, he will face a long to-... More »

Today’s News & Commentary — March 7, 2017

Published March 7th, 2017 -

House Republicans publicly released their long awaited health care plan. The Washington Post, New York Times and Wall Street Journal each offer details on the new plan. Vox and Forbes offer more in depth analysis. Two of the most significant provisions of the ... More »

Today’s News & Commentary — February 21, 2017

Published February 21st, 2017 -

The American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees Iowa Council 61, an Iowa union local, filed suit against the state on Monday, reports the Washington Post. The union alleges that a new law which prohibits public sector unions from negotiating i... More »

Today’s News & Commentary — February 7, 2016

Published February 7th, 2017 -

The Justice Department filed a brief in the 9th Circuit in support of its motion to stay the injunction barring enforcement of the order. An hourlong oral argument is scheduled for today. SEIU and the Washington State Labor Council filed two amicus briefs in s... More »

Today’s News & Commentary — January 24, 2017

Published January 24th, 2017 -

President Trump met with the leaders of several construction and building trade labor unions on Monday, according to Reuters.  This came after the President signed an executive order withdrawing the US from the Trans-Pacific Partnership.The New York Times offe... More »

Today’s News & Commentary — January 10, 2017

Published January 10th, 2017 -

Confirmation hearings for Sen. Jeff Sessions as Attorney General will begin today. NPR covers five things too look out for during the nomination hearings. The Washington Post reports that Trump and Sessions plan to restrict immigration from highly skilled fore... More »

Today’s News & Commentary — December 27, 2016

Published December 27th, 2016 -

Stanley Greenberg and Anna Greenberg ask whether Barack Obama was bad for Democrats in the New York Times. Among their insights, “Mr. Obama also offered only tepid support to the most important political actor in progressive and Democratic politics: the ... More »

Today’s News & Commentary — December 13, 2016

Published December 13th, 2016 -

Secretary of Labor Thomas Perez will be running for chair of the Democratic National Committee, shaking up a race in which Rep. Keith Ellison was seen as the frontrunner. Mr. Perez would be an unusual choice in that he has limited experience holding elected of... More »

Today’s News & Commentary — November 29, 2016

Published November 29th, 2016 -

The Washington D.C. City Council is expected to pass the nation’s most generous family leave law. Under the law, full-time and part-time workers could draw up to 90% of their pay from a government account, limited to $1000 per week. The cost will be born... More »

Today’s News & Commentary — November 15, 2016

Published November 15th, 2016 -

President-Elect Donald Trump is expected to appoint two employer-friendly nominees to the National Labor Relations Board.The Board currently has a 2-1 Democratic majority with two empty seats. A new board might revisit many consequential decisions over the pas... More »

Today’s News & Commentary — November 1, 2016

Published November 1st, 2016 -

McDonald’s paid $3.75 million to settle a federal lawsuit in California that sought to hold the company liable for one of its franchise owners failing to failing to pay proper wages. The suit is one of several filed after the NLRB issued complaints in 20... More »