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April 27, 2014

The Associated Press reports that officials in Stamford, CT are putting the finishing touches on a long-delayed policy to prevent nepotism in city hiring. Several city employees were criticized for hiring family members in recent years. In an effort to respond, a 40-member Board of Representatives passed an ordinance last fall requiring human resources officials to write and implement an anti-nepotism policy.

The New York Times reports that union-organizing efforts at Northwestern may not mean much for public colleges. Labor experts say that it is unlikely that Republic lawmakers will allow public university athlete to unionize.

The Associated Press reports that President Obama again encouraged Congress to pass a bill raising the minimum wage to $10.10/hour during his weekly radio and Internet address. Obama says that increasing the pay for minimum-wage workers would help 28 million workers.

The San Francisco Chronicle reports that San Francisco city employees say they can’t afford to live in the city they serve. City employees blame the tech boom for the rising housing costs. The San Francisco city administration is currently negotiating contracts for about 24,000 employees from 27 different unions or groups.

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