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September 7, 2017

In the wake of the Trump Administration’s announcement that it would be ending DACA in 6 months, protests have occurred nationwide.  NPR breaks down the myths and facts behind Attorney General Sessions’ claim that Dreamers are taking jobs away from Americans.  Fifteen states and the District of Columbia sued the U.S. government on its plan to end DACA, on the basis that it was motivated by prejudice against Mexicans.  In anticipation of policy changes, Mexico’s Education Department is inviting Dreamers to apply for English teaching jobs in Mexico.

Trump’s pick for the top civil rights post at the DOJ had a hearing from the Senate Committee yesterday, despite strong opposition from Democratic leaders and civil rights advocacy groups. These stories detail some of Eric Dreiband’s past representation relating to employment, including both leading a discrimination case against Abercrombie & Fitch while at the EEOC and representing the company in private practice and winning a case on behalf of R.J. Reynolds Tobacco, which helped to establish precedent that older workers can’t sue under the Age Discrimination in Employment Act for hiring discrimination unless the bias was intentional.

On Monday, the New York state comptroller announced that New York State employment has reached the highest it’s been since the Recession.  Though statewide unemployment is 4.8%, upstate labor markets face continued difficulties.  The New York Times reports.


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