Polls closed Tuesday night in the special house election in Pennsylvania between candidates Lamb and Saccone, with Lamb having a 579 vote lead. Though absentee votes have not yet been counted, Lamb took to the stage on Tuesday evening to announce his victory. Under Pennsylvania law, there is no automatic recount no matter how close the race. The New York Times reports.

After signing in a round of tariffs on imported steel and aluminum last week, President Trump is reportedly eyeing tariffs of about $60 billion of Chinese imports that will target the technology and telecommunications sectors and potentially the intellectual property sector. Lobbyists in Washington are concerned that Trump’s ambitious tariff plan would also include other labor-intensive consumer goods sectors such as apparel, footwear, and toys. Reuters reports.

Black police officers are suing the city of Little Rock, Arkansas for employment discrimination based on age and race.  Officers claim that the city violated whistleblower laws whenever a complaint was filed. Some officers are waiting to join the suit pending right-to-sue letters from the E.E.O.C. The New York Times reports.

In recent weeks, the alcohol industry has weighed in on the push for self-driving vehicles. Two large industry groups, one of wine and liquor wholesalers and another from large producers, support autonomous vehicles, which analysts have said could boost liquor sales up to $250 billion.  The Foundation for Advancing Alcohol Responsibility also support technologies that keep drunk drivers off the road.  A government report published in 2017 estimated that 1 in 9 workers were employed in jobs that would be directly impacted by the introduction of autonomous vehicles. TheWashington Post reports.