Senator Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) has authored an op-ed in the Wall Street Journal arguing that “[i]t is time for Congress to save the Postal Service, not dismantle it.”  Senator Sanders argues in support of the Postal Service Protection Act, proposed legislation that he introduced in the Upper House.  The bill proposes two changes: ending prefunding of the future retiree health fund and ending restrictions on the Postal Service’s flexibility to offer new products and services, such as financial services.

The New York Times reports on rising tensions between NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio and Eva Moskowitz, who runs the City’s Success Academy Charter Schools.  Last week, the Mayor’s office cancelled plans for 3 new Success Academy schools.  Mayor de Blasio has said that the Success Academy charters—staffed by nonunionized employees—have a “destructive impact” on public schools.  Supporters of the charters note that Success Academy students consistently outperform their public school peers on state tests.

In a New York Times op-ed, Thomas B. Edsall examines economic literature on the relationship between inequality and economic performance.   He analyzes the work of both conservative and liberal economists, as well the politics surrounding issue of wealth and inequality.

In international news, after being criticized for demanding government assistance as a condition for continuing its minivan production in Canada, Fiat-Chrysler withdrew its request.  Instead, the New York Times reports that the automaker plans to make big investments in two Ontario factories without government aid.  Jerry Dias, national president of Unifor—the union formerly known as the Canadian Auto Workers—reacted positively to the news, but noted “the importance of developing a long-term strategy, including public investment, if we want to have a strong, competitive advanced manufacturing sector.”