The Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals has just granted the DOL’s motion for expedited briefing and oral argument in its appeal of the nationwide injunction issued against the Overtime Rule, despite opposition from the state attorneys general who filed the suit. The briefing schedule is even more accelerated than requested by DOL in its motion, in which it requested briefing be completed by Feb. 7, 2017.

The briefing schedule is as follows: Appellant (DOL)’s brief due 12/16/16; Amicus briefs in support due 12/23/16. Appellee’s brief due 01/17/17; Amicus briefs in support due 01/24/17. Reply brief for Appellants due 01/31/17. Note that Appellant’s reply brief is due just 11 days after President-elect Trump is set to take office. Read more here.

Oral arguments will be scheduled by the court after Jan. 31, 2017, and OnLabor will continue to monitor the case closely.