OnLabor Reaches One Million Views

Last week, OnLabor reached our one millionth page view! We are thrilled and grateful to all of you—our readers, contributors, and community—who have helped us grow into a hub of conversation about labor law, politics, and power. To celebrate the work of our contributors and the dedication of our readers since our founding, we’ve compiled a list of just a few of our favorite posts.

Ben Sachs debunks the misleading claim that correctly classifying Uber drivers as employees would require them to lose flexibility.

Sharon Block examines former-NLRB Chair Miscimarra’s “December Massacre,” overturning five significant precedents in his last month on the Board.

Catherine Fisk makes the case that graduate student workers are workers with a right to unionize.

Charlotte Garden on how Uber and Lyft Drivers are turning the tables on forced arbitration.

Jake Rosenfeld connects Democrats’ decline to the party’s abandonment of organized labor.

Andrew Strom says it best: “Watch Out Workers, Here Comes Brett Kavanaugh.”

Noah Zatz on a chilling investigation on exploitative “get to work or go to jail” programs masked as alternatives to incarceration.

David Rolf calls for a massive realignment of strategy to build new models of worker organizing and start the next great workers movement in America.

Karim Lakhani on discrimination against Muslims at work, set to only get worse under President Trump.

Whitney Barnes connects prison labor to mass incarceration and the decline of unions.

Maia Usui asks whether the NFL’s recruiting practices violate the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Thank you all for reading! Looking forward to our next million views.

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