News & Commentary

November 6, 2023

Morgan Sperry

Morgan Sperry is a student at Harvard Law School and also serves as OnLabor's Social Media Director.

In today’s news and commentary, Shawn Fain takes on Tesla and the New York Times tech workers walk out.

As Tesla confronts its first-ever strike, which is taking place in Sweden, United Auto Workers (UAW) President Shawn Fain announced this week that the UAW is prepared to take on the electric vehicle giant and its notorious CEO, Elon Musk. “We can beat anybody,” Fain said in an interview last Thursday. While previous UAW-led efforts to unionize Tesla have failed, Fain pointed out that the union is under new, militant leadership: his own. 

New York Times tech workers went on strike last week to protest the paper’s return-to-office policies. The Times Tech Guild—which consists of nearly 700 software engineers, data analysts, project managers, product managers and designers, who voted to unionize in March 2022—signed off early and protested outside of The Times’ building, seeking flexible work policies. Last year, the union filed a return-to-office-related complaint with the National Labor Relations Board, which was dropped after the Guild reached a contract deal with the newspaper in May. The Tech Guild has support from the New York Times Guild, which represents that majority of the Times’ newsroom workers.

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