After a bit of a scheduling shuffle, the Supreme Court is set to consider this Thursday whether it will grant certiorari in Friedrichs v. California Teachers Ass’n. As discussed earlier on this site, Friedrichs would present the Court with a vehicle to reconsider Abood v. Det. Bd. of Educ. and the constitutionality of public sector “fair share” agreements that Abood upheld. The Friedrichs petition comes on the heels of last year’s decision in Harris v. Quinn, in which the Court sidestepped the issue of Abood’s continuing viability while critiquing, in dicta, the decision (see analysis of Harris here and here; additional background on the Abood question is available herehere, and here).

If the Court reaches a decision on the Friedrichs petition, announcement will likely come on Monday, June 29 — the (typically blockbuster) last day of the Term.