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Today’s News and Commentary — August 21

Published August 21st, 2013 -

More news on Detroit’s bankruptcy proceedings, courtesy of the Wall Street Journal. Pension funds representing Detroit’s city employees and retirees have challenged emergency manager Kevyn Orr’s calculations regarding pension shortfalls. The pension issue furt... More »

Today’s News and Commentary — August 20

Published August 20th, 2013 -

The New York Times reports on a labor angle to United Nations (UN) Secretary General Ban Ki-moon’s commemoration yesterday of the 10th anniversary of the single deadliest assault in the UN’s history, the bombing of its Baghdad offices that killed 2... More »

Today's News and Commentary — August 19

Published August 19th, 2013 -

The New York Times and the Washington Post report that today is the deadline for filing formal objections to Detroit’s eligibility for bankruptcy protection. The New York Times explains that “unions, creditors and retirees” are expected to file objections befo... More »

This Weekend's News and Commentary – August 17/18

Published August 18th, 2013 -

In this weekend’s legal news, the Wall Street Journal discusses the Sixth Circuit’s Thursday ruling in Kindred Nursing Centers East v. NLRB. The court upheld an NLRB ruling, Specialty Healthcare, which had approved of a bargaining unit known as a “micro unit”:... More »

Today’s News and Commentary – August 16

Published August 16th, 2013 -

In a 2-1 decision, the Michigan Court of Appeals has ruled that the state’s Right-to-Work law does apply to unionized civil service employees, meaning state government workers will be able to opt-out of paying union dues when new contracts come into effe... More »

Today’s News and Commentary — August 15

Published August 15th, 2013 -

In the contentious world of education policy, Politico reports that Michelle Rhee, the “outspoken education reformer,” will “host a series of national town hall meetings” in cities across the country.  Despite Rhee’s history of clashing with teachers’ unions d... More »

Today’s News and Commentary — August 14

Published August 14th, 2013 -

The Los Angeles Times reports that the Department of Justice is suing to stop the merger of American Airlines and U.S. Airlines. If the merger goes through, more than 70% of the domestic market will be controlled by just four airlines. The Transport Workers Un... More »

Today’s News and Commentary — August 13

Published August 13th, 2013 -

The New York Times reports that the Obama Administration has delayed another portion of the Affordable Care Act – new limits on how much people have to pay for their own heath care in out-of-pocket costs – until 2015. News of this decision has been... More »

Today's News and Commentary — August 12

Published August 12th, 2013 -

This morning, in the Boston Herald, President Obama proposed a “grand bargain” for the middle class—a strategy for “breaking through the Washington logjam” and enacting policies that create jobs. As part of this bargain, the President said that he would be wil... More »

This Weekend's News and Commentary – August 10/11

Published August 11th, 2013 -

Steven Greenhouse at the New York Times profiles the Workers Defense Project, a “union in spirit,” and one of the 225 worker centers nationwide aiding many of the country’s 22 million immigrant workers. Greenhouse notes that worker centers like the Austin-base... More »

Today’s News and Commentary – August 9

Published August 9th, 2013 -

Weighing in on the recent strikes by fast-food workers, Jared Bernstein’s piece in today’s New York Times aims to debunk arguments against a higher minimum wage. In labor politics, the AFL-CIO is celebrating the return of the United Food and Commer... More »

Today's News and Commentary

Published August 8th, 2013 -

The Washington Post reports that Wal-Mart has reached a settlement with the Department of Labor to provide safer conditions for custodial employees at more than 2,800 stores. Under the settlement, Wal-Mart will provide more training to workers who use trash co... More »