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March 6, 2017

Adi Kamdar

Adi Kamdar is a student at Harvard Law School.

The Atlantic interviews David Weil, who recently was in charge of the Department of Labor’s wage-and-hour division, on the future of the Department under President Trump. Trump has spoken out about helping the “forgotten worker,” but if that simply means coal and manufacturing jobs, most workers will be left behind. Weil weighs in on what he thinks the biggest accomplishments during the Obama era were—and what is at stake over the next four years.

A federal judge recently certified a class action covering tens of thousands of immigrants who claim they were detained by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and forced to work for $1 a day—if any money at all. According to the Washington Post, the lawsuit is aimed at the GEO Group, which runs ICE’s Denver Contract Detention Facility, a private prison that houses thousands of people at any given time. Plaintiffs are alleging that the forced labor violates the Trafficking Victims Protection Act, a law that prohibits slavery.

“Here’s the Reality About Illegal Immigrants in the United States.” The New York Times has a thorough feature on undocumented individuals. The piece explains where they have come from, their ties to America, and settles myths being perpetuated by the current administration. The article also covers the strategies many have taken to work in this country—strategies, like driving without a license or using a fake Social Security Number—that President Trump is now targeting.

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