Teamsters to form its own Uber "Drivers' Association" in Cal.

Benjamin Sachs

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On a day of huge Uber news, there’s another interesting item.  According to a Teamsters’ press release, Teamsters Joint Council 7 “notified Uber of their intent to organize California drivers” yesterday – the day before Uber announced its intent to create a drivers’ association (as part of the O’Connor settlement). As the union press release states, “After receiving overwhelming outreach from Uber drivers, representatives of Teamsters Joint Council 7 have announced plans to form an association for workers in California’s rideshare industry.”

A developing story, and too soon to know anything definitive.  But the timing is obviously striking.  And, timing aside, this sets up the possibility for two drivers’ associations at Uber in California.  One association would be affiliated with a genuine, outside and autonomous union.  The other would be a creation of management.

Definitely worth watching.

Update: Appears that the Teamsters may be working to organize workers into the Association that Uber is developing per the settlement.  Still developing.

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