Rich Yeselson’s recent article on “Fortress Unionism” prompted a reply from Bruce Raynor (former president of  UNITE HERE) and Andy Stern (former president of SEIU).  The debate is over the future of the labor movement.  The disagreement could not be more stark.

Here’s what Raynor and Stern wrote to us yesterday:

As long term International Presidents of national unions, we were provoked to respond to Rich Yeselson’s recent article on “Fortress Unionism.”  Although Yeselson’s article raises important questions, we think it suggests the wrong answers about the best course forward for the American labor movement. As we explain in our response, we have some very different ideas about the future.  The ongoing campaigns among Wal-Mart and fast food workers, along with the recent efforts of the AFL-CIO, reveal just how important these issues are.  We invite ongoing debate – on this blog and elsewhere – about these questions.  Let the discussion continue, it matters.

Anyone interested in workers and unions and the future of the labor movement should read these two articles, both in Democracy.  Those interested in replying to Raynor and Stern should submit proposed posts to me.