I reported on Saturday that at the very moment Donald Trump was at the Capitol delivering his Inaugural Address promising a better life for the working class, a staffer was inside the Department of Labor taking information off the DOL website.  The first to go was a report on efforts to promote LGBT inclusion in the workplace.  After a furor on social media about the deletion of the report, it was briefly restored to the site, but now it is gone again.

Other things have also disappeared. For example, if one searches “Paid Leave DOL” on Google, or on the DOL site, one gets the following:


But clicking on the link or entering the URL into a browser takes you to the DOL page on the FMLA, which of course provides only unpaid leave.  Gone is the page suggesting it’s time to give more Americans paid leave.

If the Trump Administration is serious about paid leave (as they claim), why are they promptly deleting from the DOL site a feature about paid leave?