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The Two Central Issues in Mulhall

Published August 19th, 2013 -

As Ben noted, the contract at issue in Mulhall is an alternative to the Wagner Act/NLRB regime for labor organizing and bargaining.  In the contract, the employer agreed to remain neutral toward union organizing efforts, to recognize the union through a majori... More »


Hoffa's Seemingly Odd Commitments

Published August 12th, 2013 -

As I mentioned, I am writing a book about Jimmy Hoffa’s historical significance in American labor, law, and politics.  There are dozens of books written about Hoffa, but almost all of them focus on his disappearance on August 30, 1975 (and the vast majority of... More »


Fortress Unionism

Published August 10th, 2013 -

Earlier this year, labor historian Melvyn Dubofsky gave a very pessimistic assessment of the prospects for the American labor movement.  “Given the current alignment of forces domestically and globally,” he concluded, “I find it hard to conceive of any tactics... More »


Equal Treatment: Union and Corporate Politics

Published August 8th, 2013 -

In an opinion piece yesterday, the Wall Street Journal attacks a proposal that the SEC require public companies to disclose political spending.  One prong of the Journal’s attack is that “no such regulation” applies to labor unions.  But this statement, like m... More »