Ben Levin, a frequent contributor to the blog, has a great new piece up at Time arguing that the President’s ban-the-box proposal, while cause for celebration, doesn’t go far enough. According to Ben, the proposal’s main limitations include the facts that, one, “the proposal would affect only federal employers, not private employers or state or local governments,” two, “it would affect only the initial application[, and e]mployers would still be free to inquire into an applicant’s history later in the application process,” (a point Aabid has stressed here),  three, the “proposal wouldn’t affect the background rules of tort law that expose employers to liability if they hire (or fail to fire) individuals with criminal records,” and four, “the proposal doesn’t alter the massive web of licensing laws that prevent those with criminal records from working in a range of fields.”

As usual, insightful commentary from Ben.  The piece is definitely worth a read.