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Show BioHide BioJack Goldsmith is the Henry L. Shattuck Professor at Harvard Law School, where he teaches and writes about national security law, international law, internet law, and, recently, labor history.  Before coming to Harvard, Professor Goldsmith served as Assistant Attorney General, Office of Legal Counsel from 2003-2004, and Special Counsel to the Department of Defense from 2002-2003.  Professor Goldsmith is writing a book about Jimmy Hoffa’s place in American history.  He can be reached at goldsmith.onlabor@gmail.com.

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Hoffa's Seemingly Odd Commitments

Published August 12th, 2013 -

As I mentioned, I am writing a book about Jimmy Hoffa’s historical significance in American labor, law, and politics.  There are dozens of books written about Hoffa, but almost all of them focus on his disappearance on August 30, 1975 (and the vast majority of... More »


Fortress Unionism

Published August 10th, 2013 -

Earlier this year, labor historian Melvyn Dubofsky gave a very pessimistic assessment of the prospects for the American labor movement.  “Given the current alignment of forces domestically and globally,” he concluded, “I find it hard to conceive of any tactics... More »


Why I Am Blogging About Labor

Published August 8th, 2013 -

My academic fields of expertise are at the intersection of national security law and international law, and I already blog at a site devoted to these topics.  One thus might wonder why I am participating in this blog on labor law and politics.  The short answe... More »