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Today’s News & Commentary — February 22, 2018

Published February 22nd, 2018 -

President Trump met with leaders from the country’s largest labor unions yesterday to discuss plans to renegotiate the North American Free Trade Agreement.  The Wall Street Journal reports that the administration is trying to gain support from labor unions whi... More »

Today’s News & Commentary – February 8, 2018

Published February 8th, 2018 -

Senators Mitch McConnell and Chuck Schumer reached a bipartisan agreement yesterday evening in the hopes of avoiding another government shutdown.  The deal would raise caps on military and domestic spending and is seen by some as a victory for both sides.  The... More »

Email Alerts Available from OnLabor

Published October 27th, 2017 -

Did you know that you can get the latest news from OnLabor sent right to your inbox? To sign up, simply scroll down to the “subscribe” button on the OnLabor home page, enter your email address, and select whether you'd like to receive daily or weekly updates! ... More »

Today’s News & Commentary — July 13, 2017

Published July 13th, 2017 -

The United Auto Workers announced Tuesday that employees at a Nissan plant in Mississippi have filed a petition for a union election.  The New York Times reports that the U.A.W. has been working to unionize the plant since 2012 and criticized, in a statement, ... More »

Weekend News & Commentary — June 24-25, 2017

Published June 25th, 2017 -

In the wake of CEO Travis Kalanick’s resignation last week, Uber is pleading with its employees to stay on with the company.  According to the Wall Street Journal, some Uber employees are considering leaving the company after the tumultuous last few months; ot... More »

Thinking About Parental Leave on Father’s Day

Published June 18th, 2017 -

This Father’s Day, is it time to challenge our assumptions when it comes to parental leave?  Derek Rotondo thinks it is.  Rotondo, a JP Morgan employee, was denied parental leave because the company presumed his wife would be the primary caregi... More »

Weekend News & Commentary — June 10-11, 2017

Published June 11th, 2017 -

Lawmakers are moving to reform the H1-B visa program, a hotly contested temporary visa program for specialized workers.  According to Politico, Senator Chuck Grassley met with Labor Secretary Alexander Acosta Thursday to discuss the program.  In the past, Gras... More »

Weekend News & Commentary — May 27-28, 2017

Published May 28th, 2017 -

Democratic lawmakers, led by House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, have pledged to increase the minimum wage to $15 within the first 100 hours if Democrats take back control of the House in 2018.  According to Politico, Pelosi endorsed a $15 minimum wage back in... More »

Today’s News and Commentary — May 8, 2017

Published May 8th, 2017 -

France voted yesterday to elect Emmanuel Macron as its next President, defeating far-right nationalist candidate Marine Le Pen in a run-off election.  As the New York Times notes, this is good news for the European Union, as Ms. Le Pen’s victory would have thr... More »

Today’s News & Commentary — April 24, 2017

Published April 24th, 2017 -

The National Labor Relations Board has recommended that a new election be held for Harvard graduate students who sought to unionize last November, according to the Harvard Crimson.  The Board found that Harvard had not complied with requirements to provide a l... More »

Today's News & Commentary — April 10, 2017

Published April 10th, 2017 -

In a statement yesterday, Google denied the Department of Labor’s recent allegations of systematic pay disparities, stating that “[e]very year, we do a comprehensive and robust analysis of pay across genders and we have found no gender pay gap,” and challengin... More »