In 2020, a number of unions representing airline workers will bargain with near every major airline. United, American, Southwest, and Delta will be brought to the bargaining table to discuss new contracts for pilots, flight attendants, mechanics, and other workers.

On Friday, U.S. Steel announced plans to “idle” significant operations at a mill near Detroit, MI. Under the name “Great Lakes Works,” the plant primarily served the nearby auto industry but has shown signs of struggle over the past year. The company says there are focusing their operations on plants in Gary, Indiana and Pittsburgh, and plan to send lay-off notices to over 1,500 Michigan workers in the near future.

\In 2020, Florida voters will vote on a direct ballot initiative proposing a constitutional amendment to gradually bring the statewide minimum wage to $15. If passed, the full $15 standard would not go into effect until 2026, after rising to $10 in 2021 and increasing by $1/year. 60% of voters will have to approve the amendment.

Politico reports that the Department of Labor’s proposed regulation changing the joint employer rules will not be released until January. The current version is being reviewed by the White House Budget Office. The rule would narrow the joint employer standard set forth under the Obama Administration,  which broadened some companies’ liability for Fair Labor Standards Act violations against franchise workers or those in temporary and contract work.  The rule is expected to hurt these workers and make it more difficult to protect their rights under federal labor laws.  A separate version of this narrow standard is being considered by the National Labor Relations Board.