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Supreme Court Grants Cert in Friedrichs

Published June 30th, 2015 -

In a major development for the future of labor law and the U.S. labor movement, the Supreme Court has granted certiorari in Friedrichs v. California Teachers Association.  At stake is the Abood line of precedent and the constitutional permissibility of fair sh... More »


No Word Yet on Friedrichs Cert. Petition

Published June 29th, 2015 -

The U.S. Supreme Court declined today to announce whether it will grant certiorari in Friedrichs v. California Teachers Ass’n (click here for previous discussion of Friedrichs). Per Amy Howe of SCOTUSblog, the Court may still act on the petition at a ... More »


Decision on Friedrichs Cert. Petition Postponed

Published June 19th, 2015 -

After what shaped up to be quite the busy day for the Supreme Court yesterday, one of several matters that remains unresolved is whether the Court will grant certiorari in Friedrichs v. California Teachers Ass’n (discussed extensively on this site). Orig... More »


Illinois Gov. Signs EO Banning Fair Share Fees

Published February 9th, 2015 -

The Governor of Illinois, Bruce Rauner, today issued an Executive Order banning fair share fee agreements for public sector workers in the state.  Under the Order, all state agencies are “prohibited from enforcing . . . Fair Share Contract Provisions.... More »