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May 6th, 2015

Today’s News & Commentary — May 6, 2015

Published May 6th, 2015 -

The New York Times describes a decline in the prestige of police unions following the events in Ferguson, North Charleston, Cleveland, Baltimore, and Staten Island, stating that the political context has shifted and police unions have been forced to adapt. Des... More »

May 4th, 2015

Today’s News & Commentary — May 4, 2015

Published May 4th, 2015 -

According to the Chicago Tribune, the Illinois House will hear testimony tomorrow on Gov. Bruce Rauner’s proposal to limit worker’s compensation. This proposal is part of Gov. Rauner’s overall political platform that includes limiting labor’s influence, removi... More »

April 13th, 2015

Today’s News & Commentary — April 13

Published April 13th, 2015 -

The Boston Globe writes that new federal rules will take effect tomorrow that will shorten the amount of time before workers can vote to join a union. We have previously covered issuance of this Final Rule here. Under the new rule, the NLRB regional director r... More »

April 6th, 2015

Today’s News & Commentary — April 6, 2015

Published April 6th, 2015 -

The Los Angeles Times reports that there are mixed responses among business leaders and workers to the County Board of Supervisors’ vote to study the potential impact of an increase in the minimum wage. This Board vote comes at a time when the City of Lo... More »

March 23rd, 2015

Weekend News & Commentary — March 23

Published March 23rd, 2015 -

U.S. News and World Reports features further coverage of the Family and Medical Insurance Leave Act, a bill introduced in both houses by Sen. Kristen Gillibrand (D-NY) and Rep. Rosa DeLauro (D-Conn) last week. The bill would create a federal program for employ... More »

March 9th, 2015

Today’s News & Commentary — March 9, 2015

Published March 9th, 2015 -

The New York Times reports that Gov. Scott Walker of Wisconsin has signed the “Right-to-Work” Bill passed by the legislature last week. This makes Wisconsin the 25th state to adopt a private-sector right to work law. According to Bloomberg, Gov. Walker stated ... More »

February 23rd, 2015

Today's News & Commentary — February 23, 2015

Published February 23rd, 2015 -

In immigration news, the Obama Administration has filed a legal brief with Judge Andrew S. Hanen in the United States District Court in Brownsville, TX asking for an injunction blocking the president’s immigration program to be lifted. The New York Times repor... More »

February 9th, 2015

Today's News and Commentary — February 9

Published February 9th, 2015 -

Breitbart reports that the Labor Department has announced that 235 union pension funds may lack the assets necessary to pay 80 percent of their promised benefits. Of the funds, 150 are in “critical status.” That status obligates trustees to consider the option... More »

January 26th, 2015

Today's News and Commentary — January 26

Published January 26th, 2015 -

The Washington Post reports that the Bureau of Labor Statistics has released union density numbers for 2014. The data shows that union membership has increased both in the public and private sectors. However, since the overall number of people in the work forc... More »

January 12th, 2015

Today's News and Commentary — January 12

Published January 12th, 2015 -

Al Jazeera America describes the push by Republican-controlled state legislatures across the country to pass right-to-work legislation. These laws, which would forbid unions from automatically charging representation fees workers in unionized shops, are under ... More »

December 29th, 2014

Today's News and Commentary — December 29

Published December 29th, 2014 -

NPR today released an interview recording with President Obama. Among the highlights as reported by the Los Angeles Times, President Obama discussed circumstances in which he would be more likely to veto legislation passed by the Republican Congress. Discussin... More »

December 15th, 2014

Today's News and Commentary — December 15

Published December 15th, 2014 -

As Prof. Sachs recounts in more detail here, the NLRB on Friday issued a new final rule which allows the NLRB regional director responsible for elections to decide “which, if any, voter eligibility questions should be litigated before an election is held.” Thi... More »