Teachers in Los Angeles have voted to raise their membership dues, according to the Los Angeles Times.  Union leaders explain the 30% increase in dues is needed to fight well-funded and non-union charter schools, and other challenges to the traditional public school system.  Charter schools currently enroll about 101,000 students in the city.  Public school funding is tied to student attendance; as charter school enrollment increases, the LA Unified School District may face insolvency.  The vote passed easily; 82% of those who voted supported the dues increase.  United Teachers Los Angeles members will now pay nearly $1,000 in annual fees.

Politico reports that the number of American workers quitting their jobs has hit a nine-year high, suggesting workers are confident in their employment prospects.  Voluntary quits rose to nearly 3.1 million, and hires rose to almost 5.4 million workers.  Read the Department of Labor’s Job Openings and Labor Turnover here.

The United Auto Workers has added unfair labor practices allegations to its filing against Volkswagen with the NLRB, according to the Associated Press.  The UAW argues Volkswagen failed to consult with a newly elected workers union despite union victory at the plant in December.  Additionally, the UAW alleges Volkswagen fired an African-American worker for the photograph he took inside the plant to support his complaint of race discrimination.  Volkswagen is appealing the decision that allowed the election to be conducted by a group of about 160 workers, without the input of the remaining 1,250 hourly production workers in the plant.

Last week, we reported that Yahoo announced it would be laying off over 1,500 employees.  Today, according to Reuters, Yahoo has announced it will lay off 107 employees in the first set of layoffs, and they will take effect April 11, after the 60-day advanced notice requirement has elapsed.