Puzder to Withdraw from Nomination for Secretary of Labor

The President’s nominee for Secretary of Labor, Andrew Puzder, is expected to withdraw from consideration before his confirmation hearing tomorrow.  With four firm Republican votes against him, with as many as twelve possible, top Republican Senators urged the White House to withdraw Puzder’s nomination. Puzder’s spokesperson has not yet released a statement. Read more from […]

Lawsuit Alleging Antitrust Violations Filed Against Puzder’s Company

Yesterday, shift leaders at Carl’s Jr. filed a complaint on behalf of themselves and those similarly situated alleging various antitrust violations by Carl’s Jr. Restaurants and CKE, of which Andrew Puzder is CEO. The complaint was filed in California Superior Court. The complaint is based on a “no hire” policy extending to all CKE franchises, under which […]

Picking the New Secretary of Labor: A Backgrounder on Andrew Puzder

This post is part of a series on the candidates we understand to be under consideration for Secretary of Labor.   President-elect Donald Trump met this weekend with Andrew Puzder, one of his rumored candidates for Secretary of Labor.  Like Trump, Puzder is a Washington outsider: he’s the longtime CEO of CKE Restaurants, the company that owns fast-food […]

Weekend News & Commentary — February 18-19, 2017

After the embarrassing withdrawal of his last nominee, Andrew Puzder, President Trump’s new pick for Labor Secretary — Alexander Acosta, a “well-respected public servant” — might look like a safe choice.  As the President has pointed out, Acosta has a strong track record: he has already won Senate confirmation for three previous positions, as a senior official in […]

Today’s News & Commentary — February 17, 2017

President Trump has announced his new nominee for Labor Secretary and it is Alexander Acosta.  According to the Washington Post Acosta currently serves as Dean of Florida International University, and formerly served as Supreme Court Justice Alito’s law clerk, when Alito sat on the U.S Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit.  Acosta previously held the role […]

Today’s News & Commentary — February 16, 2017

Employees at Boeing’s South Carolina plant voted against unionization yesterday.  The company stated that 74 percent of employees who cast votes in the election voted against the union.  The International Association of Machinists’ lead organizer, Mike Evans, released a Facebook video statement saying that the workers had determined that “at this time they don’t need representation.” […]

Today’s News & Commentary — February 14, 2017

Happy Valentine’s Day!  Those celebrating should be careful not to run affront of labor and employment law.  The Richmond Times-Dispatch notes that “when a gift is received unexpectedly from a co-worker on Valentine’s Day of all days, it raises the creep level to litigation status.”  Their special correspondent advises readers to keep their celebrations out of […]

Today’s News & Commentary — February 9, 2016

President Trump’s nominee for Labor Secretary, Andrew Puzder, has been scheduled for a hearing before the Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee on February 16. This is the fourth time the hearing has been scheduled after delays which, according to The Hill, gave Puzder more time to separate himself from CKE, which owns the Carl’s […]

Today’s News & Commentary — February 8, 2016

Yesterday, Republican lawmakers “proposed sweeping changes to Iowa’s collective bargaining laws” in the form of House Study Bill 84 and Senate File 213.  As the Des Moines Register explains, the new bills would limit mandatory negotiations for most public-sector union workers (public safety workers such as firefighters and police officers are exempted) to base wages only; negotiations over […]

Today’s News & Commentary — February 7, 2016

The Justice Department filed a brief in the 9th Circuit in support of its motion to stay the injunction barring enforcement of the order. An hourlong oral argument is scheduled for today. SEIU and the Washington State Labor Council filed two amicus briefs in support of the plaintiffs.The SEIU’s brief focuses on the stories of six […]