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Reader Poll: The Results

Published December 18th, 2014 -

The results of our reader poll are in!  We asked: What were the biggest developments in labor law in the past year?  Our readers answered that Harris v. Quinn and the fast food campaign are the biggest developments.  We’ll have some discussion of these t... More »


Reader Poll: Closing at Noon Today!

Published December 18th, 2014 -

Our reader poll on the biggest developments in labor law in the past year is closing at noon today — get your votes in now! And see what some labor leaders have chosen so far. More »


The Biggest Labor Developments of 2014 [Updated]

Published December 16th, 2014 -

This post has been updated below.  We’ll continue to update this post throughout the week with more input from leading labor voices. As our reader poll continues, we wanted to share the votes of some leading labor voices.  You can click here to add your ... More »


West African Workers Respond to Ebola

Published December 5th, 2014 -

The threat of the Ebola virus remains at large in Western Africa, and the disease is impacting healthcare workers in Liberia, Guinea, and Sierra Leone. In early November, hundreds of health workers involved in treating Ebola patients went on strike at a clinic... More »


Privacy, Employment, and the Third Party Doctrine

Published April 3rd, 2014 -

Changes in technology are putting pressure on the constitutional rules that determine when law enforcement officers need a search warrant to gather information. One rule that seems particularly strained is the “third party doctrine,” which maintains that the p... More »


Robots and Labor (Continued)

Published January 24th, 2014 -

The Financial Times (behind paywall) reports on a speech by Google’s Eric Schmidt on the effects of robot technology on labor, in which Schmidt says: “There is quite a bit of research that middle class jobs that are relatively highly skilled are being automate... More »