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Where Tips End and Wages Begin

Published April 17th, 2017 -

One year ago, this blog featured a post that outlined various reasons why the restaurant industry’s use of tips in lieu of guaranteed wages had come to provoke, in the author’s words, “a firestorm of criticism”: that reliance on tips as a significant component... More »

Weekend News & Commentary—April 15-16, 2017

Published April 16th, 2017 -

Yesterday, in dozens of cities across the U.S., tens of thousands of protestors took to the streets to demand that Trump release his tax returns.  Reuters explains that organizers of the “Tax March” wanted to draw attention to Trump’s refusal... More »

Today’s News & Commentary — April 14, 2017

Published April 14th, 2017 -

The New York Times reports that rules for immigrant detainees are likely  to change soon. Over the last 15 years, the federal government has instituted some protections for immigrant detainees including requirements to “[n]otify immigration officials if a deta... More »

Today’s News & Commentary — April 13, 2017

Published April 13th, 2017 -

Yesterday, the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) issued a memorandum calling on the heads of federal agencies to “begin taking immediate actions to achieve near-term workforce reductions.”  This memorandum replaces the federal hiring freeze President... More »

Guest Post: Criminal Employment Law

Published April 13th, 2017 -

Ben Levin is Climenko Fellow and Lecturer on Law at Harvard Law School. What role do private employers have to play in the criminal justice system? And, what does employment law doctrine have to do with mass incarceration? In Criminal Employment Law (forthcomi... More »

Today’s News & Commentary — April 12, 2017

Published April 12th, 2017 -

Yesterday, the Texas Senate voted preliminarily to approve a bill that would exempt state officials who object to gay marriage on religious grounds from being required to sign marriage licenses for same-sex couples. The bill would also exempt judges who object... More »

Today’s News & Commentary — April 11, 2017

Published April 11th, 2017 -

Minors in Texas may soon need parental approval to join a labor union.  According to the Texas Tribune, “minors in the state may be required to obtain parental approval before they can join a labor union under a proposal the Texas Senate tentatively appr... More »

The Union Household Vote Revisited

Published April 11th, 2017 -

Jake Rosenfeld is Associate Professor of Sociology at Washington University-St. Louis and an OnLabor Senior Contributor.  Patrick Denice is a postdoctoral researcher in the sociology department at Washington University in St. Louis.  He received his Ph.D. in s... More »

Today’s News & Commentary — April 10, 2017

Published April 10th, 2017 -

In a statement yesterday, Google denied the Department of Labor’s recent allegations of systematic pay disparities, stating that “[e]very year, we do a comprehensive and robust analysis of pay across genders and we have found no gender pay gap,” and challengin... More »

Weekend News & Commentary—April 8-9, 2017

Published April 9th, 2017 -

The United States Department of Labor acknowledged Friday that an investigation of Google “found systemic compensation disparities against women” working for the company.  The allegations come amidst a Labor Department effort begun during the Obama... More »

Today’s News & Commentary — April 7, 2017

Published April 7th, 2017 -

The U.S. economy added only 98,000 jobs in March, less than half the 219,000 jobs added in February.  However, the unemployment rate further decreased from 4.7% to 4.5%, its lowest level since May 2007.  Most of the increase in jobs occurred in professional an... More »